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Thank You! Congratulations on purchasing a voucher for services with Brite-Maid-Services! We are extremely honored and thrilled that you have selected us to perform services at your home, whether for one-time service or a continued relationship as we have built with several of our customers over the year.


Pursuant to the terms of your voucher, the following is applicable for your protection and that of our company. These terms are subject to change at anytime with or without notice to you. The purpose of this web site is to provide information about Brite-Maid-Services and the terms set forth by your purchase of a voucher through a daily-deal website. This informational site has been compiled, in good faith, by Brite-Maid-Services. However, no representation is made as to the completeness or accuracy of the information it contains. In particular, you should be aware that this information may be incomplete, may contain errors or may have become out of date. Brite-Maid-Services reserves the right to add, modify or delete any information on this web site at any time. The web site and any references to products or services are provided "as is" without any warranty or implied term of any kind.




The voucher must be present at the time of arrival to the fleet supervisor. If the voucher is not available, then you will be subject to the normal pricing schedule of the selected service found on your voucher. The voucher should be printed out and left to be collected or prior to the start of the service. In addition, you may present the voucher via your mobile device to the fleet supervisor and they will scan the voucher. Please ensure that the voucher you are presenting bears our company name ‘BRITE MAID SERVICES’. Any voucher that is not Brite Maid Services’ will not be honored. At the operations manager discretion, we may honor the price of that voucher for cash value.


Subject To Availability


All appointments are Subject to Availability and Time. Upon confirmation, our dispatch team will assign you an appointment window for the day and time you have requested. Due to the Washington-DC Metro Area's known congestion, mother nature & weather situations, vehicle troubles - circumstances may arise in which we will be behind schedule. Brite-Maid-Services makes every effort to keep the customer informed of the status of arrival. In the event that we arrive outside of your appointment window or are unable to arrive at your scheduled time due to unforeseen circumstances (Car trouble, car accident, storms, traffic, road closures, etc) – Brite-Maid-Services reserves the right to reschedule your appointment at no cost or penalty to you. In the event we are unable to reschedule your appointment, you may inquire to the deal site for a full voucher refund.


Saturday Services


All Saturday appointments are subject availability. All appointments scheduled on a Saturday are subject to an additional service fee that is not included in any voucher and is assessed at the time of confirmation of your appointment. Payment is due prior to the service in order to confirm your reserved appointment. In addition, the fee ranges in amount based on location & distance needed to travel. This fee shall not exceed $20.00. If you cancel your Saturday service on the day of service, the fee is non-refundable. If Brite-Maids cancel's services, the fee will be refunded and you will be rescheduled without any additional fees assessed. Any cancellation's prior to your scheduled day of service are subject to review in order to determine eligibility for a refund.


Location's Serviced


Brite-Maid-Services provides services in the cities found on your voucher and our website, under locations. At the discretion of the Operations Director, Brite-Maid-Services may provide service outside of the current service area within a 35 mile radius. At the time of scheduling, please include your location in order to verify eligibility for services.


Appointment Scheduling


At the time of scheduling, Brite-Maid-Services provides a window +/- 1.5 hours. We make every effort to arrive on time or within the window. However, at times we arrive after our specified time due to weather conditions, traffic, delays, hiccups, car trouble, or any other unforeseen circumstance. Dispatch will make every effort to coordinate with you to either reschedule or fit your availability.




Customers not satisfied with the service are required to inform BRITE-MAID-SERVICES in writing via customer@britemaids.com within 24 hours of the completed service. Any complaints past the 24 hour window will not be honored. Brite Maid Services reserves the right to return to your domicile to attempt to satisfy your complaint. Prior to service start, the fleet supervisor will advise you of any difficulties we may encounter that are beyond our control. (For example: a 10 year set-in stain of wine – a steam cleaning may not get this out 100%). Any complaints received from the Deal site that have not been submitted to Brite-Maid-Services as to the above, will not be honored and you will not be credited a refund




In the event you have a concern about timing (nap for a child, etc)... please be sure to inform the scheduling team upon your request. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule and work around your life. In the event this is not brought up at the time of scheduling, Brite-maid-services will make attempts to work around your requested need, however if rescheduling is needed, Brite-Maid-Services reserves the right to dishonor the voucher




Cancellation of service is required by notice within 24 hours of service. In the event you need to cancel, the company will be happy to reschedule you. This is subject to availability and scheduling. Same day cancellations automatically forfeit the voucher. It will be at the discretion of Brite-Maid-Services to honor your voucher. The voucher company will not refund your voucher if you cancel under the 24 hour cancellation policy.




Common Area's: Common area's are defined as 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen. Den's, Family room's, mini-kitchen, office/study are not common area's and are subject to extra fee's.

Basements: Basements are not included in the common area and are subject to extra fee's. Kitchen: Oven's, Inside of Refrigerator, Inside of Cabinets are not included and are subject to extra fee's.




You many not substitute a room or bathroom for another room (ie: 1 bedroom for basement common area). The voucher is for the specified rooms and bathrooms.




A customer who has scheduled an appointment, but has failed to grant Brite-Maid-Services access into the residence will be assessed a $25.00 “No-Show” fee. This includes, but not limited to: Not being home at the appointment window time, Not leaving the key where agreed upon, not leaving the agreed upon access available. The $25.00 fee must be collected upon prior to any services rendered. In the event of an emergency, determined by the company, a waiver can be granted.


Access Liability 


Customer's who opt to provide Brite-Maid-Services with an agreed upon location for access to their domicile accept full liability for any events or circumstances that lead to theft or loss of their key. A customer who chooses to leave your key or the door unlocked understand's and accepts that Brite-Maids are not responsible for theft, loss, or misplacement of any objects. Brite-Maids does offer a lock-box service, which can be rented for a one-time fee of $15.00 (Fifteen Dollars). Brite-Maids will retain full ownership of said lock-box and reserves the right to request the device back upon conclusion of the business relationship.




Payment for extra services must be presented at the time of service completion. Forms of payment acceptable are Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Cards. Upon request, a receipt of complete services can be e-mailed to you once funds have cleared. (Cash, a receipt can be furnished immediately). The following applies for all methods of payments:


Any returned checks will be assessed Brite-Maid-Services returned bank fee plus the maximum allowed fee applicable to the state law in which the services were performed assessed by the bank. An attempt will be made to collect the amount due to Brite-Maid-Services by notifying the customer of the returned check and the fee’s associated. In the event Brite-Maid-Services is unable to collect from you, the account will be sent to our collections agency for recovery. They will attempt to collect the full amount owed plus their collection fee. All fee’s associated with the collection of the account are extra and are the responsibility of the customer in addition to the balance owed by the customer. Once the account is in collections, Brite-Maid-Services will refer you to collections for payment and processing.


Credit Card payments carry a 3.95% transaction fee. The fee is added onto the balance due. Upon successful payment, a receipt will be e-mailed to you for your records and a service receipt can be generated upon request. Should the payment be reversed or pulled for any reason, notwithstanding, the amount due will be sent to our collections agency for collections. Any fee’s associated with the collection agency are extra and are the responsibility of the customer in addition to the balance owed. Moreover, any bank return fee’s and associated fee with Brite-Maid-Services credit card merchant services will be assessed and added to the balance.




Refunds requested from Brite Maid Services will not be honored if any of the above policies are not satisfied. All refunds for voucher's must be dealt with each deal site. Please refer to the TERMS found on your voucher prior to contacting the site. Any questions can be directed to Brite-Maid-Services in writing or to the deal website's customer service.




Gratuity is not included with our services and is not required by the customer at any time. Should the customer wish to provide a gratuity service, the amount can be added onto the balance of the service (in check, cash, or credit card) and the gratuity monies will be delivered to the employee by C.O.B. that day.

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